Saturday, April 16, 2016

How do you eat your ice cream?

How do you eat your ice cream?
You know how some people gobble up their food within minutes? No, not those who are in a hurry because they are busy with work or have to rush off to do something important. I understand that. I mean those who generally have the tendency to eat very very fast. They clear up their plate as if it was a race and they won. The times when I'm at a family function or a friends get-together, and we all decide to have some ice-cream, I pity these fellows who are swiping the bottom of their cup for the remaining melted bits before the others even get to their second spoon.
Why are you denying yourself the experience of the fragrance, the multiple tastes, the visual beauty and many times the emotional nostalgia that is associated with it?
Someone has put their heart, soul and a lot of time to make the food. Take your time to enjoy it.
When I was in college, there was this inside joke that girls shared secretly. That is, how men eat their ice-creams is directly proportional to how they would, you know (children close your eyes!) 'handle' their women. Are they gentle? Are they cavemen? Are they taking their time or rushing through? Of course, there is no scientific proof to this theory. It only served us for LOL purposes ;)
Nowadays when some people say, 'Oh.. I finished the comic book in minutes. It got over so fast', I'm thinking.... 'Hmmm... You didn't enjoy it the way it was meant to be'.
Don't rush it. Don't just read through the dialogues and lightly skim or glance over the artworks. Look at the art! See it in a way you can imagine and visualize the scenes. Connect emotionally with the story like you would when watching a film in a movie theater. Someone has put their heart, soul and a lot of time to make it.
Savour it :)
Nandhini JS.