Monday, July 18, 2011


Every filmmaker wants to be independent. Whether it is Hollywood/Bollywood/Kollywood or and (A-Zollywood), all filmmakers would love to make movies to their own taste, preference, sensibilities and creativity. But that doesn’t happen all the time. Overindulgent producers, investors and powerful actors will want to make films to suit their liking. But too many cooks will spoil the broth. So whose liking is the most important?... The AUDIENCE, of course. They are the real heroes in films. 

A good filmmaker creates a movie by making all decisions with the respective audience in mind. The primary goal of every movie is to entertain the audience.  ‘Entertainment’ doesn’t just mean laughter, song, dance, unnecessary sexual titillations, unnecessary heroism, unnecessary comedy or absence of logic. It includes balancing all shades of emotions, sticking to the particular genre (whether it is drama, comedy, action, romance, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy or sci-fi), with relatable characters and believable incidents, and providing thought-provoking insights into life with lots of surprise and suspense. 

As a filmmaker, if you think only about yourself and be selfish about your creation, not many people will agree with it or like it. This, in ‘movie business’ terms, is a failure. This is why there are great movies which earn so many awards but turn out to be a box-office failure, as there are movies which are not necessarily smart but become a huge box-office success. On the other hand, if you compromise on making a great film with all your aesthetic sensibilities, you may not be happy as a creator, even if you give a huge success.

Thus, good filmmakers are always faced with this dilemma… “Should I make a great film or an entertaining film?” This is really tough!

For this, you must know your target audience. If you are out of sync with them, you are a bad filmmaker. But if you somehow strike a balance between what you want and what they want… you are a winner.


pravina n pen said...

hi mam/ nandhini... just read ur post and wanted to ask you, if we make movies according to the audience's liking, we always dont end up satisfying ourselves then whats the point???

Nandhini JS said...

That's why I said, a filmmaker should strike a balance between their liking and that of the audience. Why should a producer who is not your dad/uncle/brother invest 'crores' of money on something just you like? why would the audience spend hundred rupees to come and watch what only you like? they should also like it right?

ckamaleo said...

Hi Nandhini, I agree. I would even say, a movie should be made for entertaining the Audience. Period. I dont know how you could differentiate a great film from an entertaining films. All great films are entertaining. There are few slow moving great movies that are not entertaining. But, those should not be made with the audience in mind. Because an audiece is someone who comes to watch something to get 'entertained'. Its a crime to take his money and not entertain him. You can make what you think is a great movie, if its not going to entertain someone, show it to him for free and get the critical acclaim, dont take his money.