Saturday, November 7, 2009

From the Diary of a Debut Director - PART 1

Almost all filmmakers will agree that their very first movie was special and the experience of making it was most memorable. Your first film introduces you to a huge audience and they get a glimpse of who you are for the very first time… It is a learning experience where you have to overcome your own doubts and those of others too… where your unique thoughts and ideas are brought to life on screen… and you witness for the first time along with thousands of people whether those thoughts and ideas work or not… Making ‘Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru’ has been tedious, emotional and difficult but all the more wonderful, enjoyable and gratifying. I am happy to share those experiences with all of you and I hope they help you in some way to achieve your dreams too.

Joining the Film and TV Institute of Tamilnadu was my first baby step into the film world. Since no one in my family belonged to the film world and we didn’t really know anyone in the film industry, I figured it was best to start there. So, after my graduation, I took up the three year DFT (Diploma in Film Technology) course specializing in Direction and Screenplay writing. I simultaneously studied MBA in part-time basis. After passing out with a Gold medal and winning two Tamilnadu State awards for my Diploma film ‘Ottam’, I was ready to work as an assistant director to get some practical experience. At that time, I felt like a tiny fish taken out of a small pond and thrown into a big ocean.

I started working for Director Priya in the beautiful tamil romantic comedy ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’ produced by veteran actor Prakashraj under his production house ‘Duet Movies’. I was fortunate to be included in almost all departments by my boss who let me closely observe and contribute to many things starting from scripting, location hunting, costuming, music composing, lyrics, editing, dubbing, mixing, publicity designing, cutting trailers etc till we finally observed the audience reaction in theaters.

I loved Kanda Naal Mudhal as if it were my own film and worked in it with my heart and soul. When we were celebrating its audio release, Prakash sir surprised me by offering to produce my first film. He encouraged me to start working on my own script soon and said that he believed in my caliber. I was totally overwhelmed with the offer. I never expected to get such an opportunity so early in my career. I was also nervous and terrified… because honestly… I was not ready.

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arun said...

hats off to you mam! u have proved yourself with ur genuine hardwork & pure effort towards our tamil film industry... i wish u all success!!!